Quality of life (Diablo Immortal)

Hi everyone! Not sure if this is the right place to make suggestions, but I’d like to share some feedback regarding what might improve the overall experience of the game.

-Make an option to set the on-screen map as ‘un-clickable’ so it doesn’t bring it up
-Position the exit icon next to the minimap to the upper left side of the map
(^these are mainly suggested for better battleground experience)

-Make dialogue pop-ups not interrupt your attacks (very noticable during raids)
-Make an option in party finder to set up raids

-Add an ancestral blacksmith at the end of dungeons (we have those at the end of Elder rifts and would incentivise group plays more)

-Consider adding transmogrify for equipments

Clan related stuff:
-Make a counter how many people are online among all members (like 56/100 etc.)
-Add an option to create polls (maybe with cooldowns you can set)
-Add the abilty for leaders to set permissions (would be nice to not make me reach out to every officer in case someone goes on vacation etc, to not accidentally remove someone)
-Maybe expand the character limit for mails you can send around

I hope this reaches a lot of people, I’m open to discussions! Also feel free to share it wherever you see fit! Thank you!

Hey AshenOne24,

This forum is aimed at feedback on the beta version of the game launcher, not any of the specific games.

For suggestions, feedback, etc on Diablo Immortal, you want the official DI discussion location:

Thank you for the reply! Would someone (or maybe yourself?) kindly share this there if it’s not a hassle? I don’t have a reddit account and I don’t exactly want to create one just for one topic, then abandon said account in the future. Perfectly understandable if that isn’t an option, but would be greatly appreciated!

(Update: Every time I try to post this on reddit, it instantly gets removed by moderators…)
(Update2: Edited the post countless times, still doesn’t get accepted, not even a reason given. I’m out and deleting the reddit account, it’s ridiculous)