PvEs want Plunderstorm rep too

Okay, while I can appreciate what you are trying to do with Plundestorm…It’s VERY anti fun for PvE players, we are CONSTANTLY griefed and ganked by clearly experienced PvP players who are bored with no new content, so they are using THIS to get their fix. You cant even talk to the guy to check rep change outfits ETC without getting constantly knocked into the water by people with barrels, griefing others! Which I guess is fine IF it was ONLY PvP, but it isn’t! Can you PLEASE make some adjustments so we PvE players can actually even attempt to grind out the rep without being constantly and clearly singled out and harassed? Maybe put in a PvE safe zone or give us a way to turn world PvP off for us that DON’T want to PvP? I’d like the rewards that are in here, but in the last hour I’ve gotten NO WQs done because I get killed before I can even attempt it 9 times out of 10. And I really don’t like that you are encouraging this behavior by putting bounties on players, encouraging this behavior even more. Again for PvPs that WANT to do that it’s whatever, but I really hate it.


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They need no powers on the dock of the loading zone so you can do your setting and pick your outfit without being blown into the water. Just like Diablo has blocked attacks when you are inside of a town. You know like a safe zone. would be cool if everybody could work together to get loot, at a certain point everybody come together for a big boss fight in the middle of the map or something! That would be fun! I have more fun in battlegrounds in retail then I do in this. I like the rewards and all, Just tired of being ganked before I even have 50 plunder or been able to complete the quest! Actually I think it would be cool if you were un~gankable until you have done the plunder quest. I wouldn’t even run then! I just want at least to get my quest plunder!