Purchasing gifts in advance and sending at a later date

I think a nice option would be to allow buying an item as gifts and storing the purchase in ones account. It’s all digital so it shouldn’t be hard to track purchases. Then you can gift using one of the stored gifts at any time, abiding by all the gifting protocols.

Where I am going with this is purchasing an item that is on sale and gifting it to a new to Battlenet player. Unfortunately you have to be friends for at least 3 days before you can gift them. But game sales do not often last for more than 3 days or want to buy something last minute. So we are SOL for buying them while it is on sale.

If gifts purchases can be saved digitally and then gifted at a later date, that would be cool feature to implement.


I’m having this problem too. I would definitely take advantage of more specials if I could gift them for my family members’ birthdays at a later time. Adding that feature would incentivize players to spend even more money, so I’m not sure why it’s not a feature already.

for real, was trying to get diablo 2 ressurected for some friends on discord but we just added each other today - the sale is gonna be over in 35h.

its such a stupid requirement.