Purchased Diablo 2 and cannot DL

I purchased the classic Diablo 2 game and LOD expansion. I cannot DL the game. It says the files could harm my computer… What gives? is it just not available?
If that’s the case, PLEASE, refund me.
I’ll happily move a long and you won’t hear from me again.
I put in a ticket - I hear nothing in return.
ty, Grymner007

i get the same message…and also all my chars are gone…all that time questing.and blizzard shafted us again…they get our money…and then they say please report bugs.in game issues…UUMM!!! that is part of your job to fix bugs.glitches.not having us doing your job either fix bugs glitches and repair the files for D2…

The files arent going to harm your computer. Sounds like your security settings are too hight. 1000s of people dl and install d2. If you want a refund you have to ask for one thru the support tickets.

Try downloading the game using an alternate web browser.

(Assuming you’re using Windows)
If you’re using Microsoft Edge and don’t have an alternate browser installed, here are links to download other popular browsers:
Google Chrome www.google.com/chrome
Firefox www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/

If you can’t download ANYTHING, that means there is likely an issue with your user profile, your antivirus software or even your operating system. Another possibility is downloading the installer on another computer, copying to a USB flash drive and then moving it to your computer.