PSA - Arcade Collection is Windows 10 Only

Hey all,

Just to head a potential issue off, the minimum system requirements for the Arcade Collection is Windows 10.

As a test, I tried to install it on a Win8.1 machine and it errored out because Dx12 isn’t present.

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Mac OS is shafted…not available. Blizzard used to support Mac on all their games.

It is funny. New games need windows 7, old games need windows 10

Which new Blizzard games need Windows 7? Microsoft no longer supports it and new Blizzard games (even old games in new engines), need a modern supported OS.

I said new games, not blizzard new games. BTW, lot of sites reported a system requirement for Diablo 4 with Windows 7.

I can undestand the new version of Diablo 2, with the new graphis and needing more ram and Cpu… but Lost Vikings? really?