Ps5 controller support

Recently upgraded my PS4 controller to a new ps5 but sadly blizzard is the only gaming system that does not have drivers for the new controller hence I can play any other title with my new controller except for COD which suck because I bought the controller for cod mostly! Please let me know even when basic drivers are installed and I can use this as I would a PS4 controller. Don’t even care about the bells and whistles


Its been a month since this post and almost 3 since the ps5 and blizzard hasnt said ANYTHING? 0 Replies? small indie company i guess


Ds4windows on Bluetooth able to pair ps5 controller to cod keep in mind it does not have all the bells and whistles


I agree completely, I can plug my ps4 controller right in and it works fine why cant the ps5 controller do the same, please let me know when this feature comes in it would be awesome


I also bought a PS5 controller about 3 months ago when it first came out. Still
No support. Blizzard, at least just come out and acknowledge that your working on it?


Fr haha, I spend $70 on a controller to trickshot and i cant even use the controller.

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I agree Its a really nice controller. You’d think support for such a flagship item would be a no brainer


Is it still not supported?? Get your act together Blizzard!!!.. Its one of the best controllers available and a lot of people want to use it for COD. Ill just keep playing it on my PS5…
You’re losing players because of this.


This is really really bad. The controller is on market for a few months now and others are already supporting the PS5 controller. What is going on here?!

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Pretty awful that blizzard still hasn’t even addressed this. Money hungry company won’t put any effort into updating their game unless there is something in it for them. I mean its only been 6 months since ps5 came out, and steam had it done within a week, but take your time guys you aren’t angering the community or anything :slight_smile:

Is everyone in this thread wanting support for the new controller in COD? If so, the staff that monitors this forum isn’t going to be able to help you. Blizzard and Activision are two different companies as far as gaming development goes. Bnet acts as their version of the Steam client.

If you want your request to be heard, you need to submit it to Activision through their forums/feedback channels.


go to key bindinsgs the ps5 controller acts as a mouse so jus keybind everything to it im new to pc i created a way

So just left Sony due to lack of support any other thing and now it looks like I’m out even more money that I’ve spent on blizzard to go to another platform that supports ps5 controllers thanks

Blizzard is just acting as the payment processor for Activision. They don’t have any hand in the development or control support. Think of it like buying a vacuum at Wal-Mart. It would be the responsibility of the company that makes the vacuum to resolve issues with the machine’s functions/features, not Wal-Mart.

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