Proper Diablo1 Question concering DOS

Very new to Diablo series, so please forgive my ignorance. First, I thought this was a Diablo 1 forum not 4. After all these years of gaming I have never played Diablo until recently and I just bought Diablo 3. Been interested yes but never bought the game. Anyway, I am a fan of old DOS games and yes I use DOSBox in Windows and Linux. I am trying to find the original Diablo 1 that was released for DOS but I only seem to find the old Windows versions. Do any of you Diablo fans know how or where I can find the original that was written for DOS? Or is this even possible any more? Thanks for your time.

Unless you found some original CDs, I don’t think so.
The closest you’re likely to find is probably…

Thanks for your response. However I do know about Diablo on GOG and that game is a windows based game. It is not the original DOS release, 1996 I believe. From what I have read on Diablo’s very early history the very first Diablo was written for DOS only, not Windows and this is what I am looking for. Even if the GOG version was DOS based those games have DOS box built in and I do not want that. Thanks again.


I stumbled on this topic just now… and got interested.

I suppose you are referring to either this article or one very similar:

That article seems to imply that “Diablo for DOS” never really existed… except perhaps in the labs of Blizzard North… I couldn’t find any mention anywhere that Diablo for DOS was ever available for retail sale.

I still have the CD for Diablo and it needed Windows 95 to run, along with a 60 MHz Pentium, 8 MBytes of RAM and a 14400 baud modem for multiplayer mode – the files on the CD are dated December 1996. There is no mention of DOS anywhere on the CD box.

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