Profile API for Wow classic

I just want to know if there is a way to get informations on a character in Wow classic with it API ? If not, could we use the API of Wow ?
Thanks for the answer.


I’m not sure what is your exact question but here are some information:

World of Warcraft APIs are separate in two groups:

For classic no. The WoW api only works for retail realms.

We need API for WoW Classic :smiley:

Even though a full armory would make guild and raid management a breeze, but it definitely falls into the #nochanges category and I understand Blizzard wants to approach it with caution.

However it would be nice to at least get a simple list of characters from Classic Realms. This would enable us developers to develop tools that have strong authentication for raid signups, easier invite list composure with all the special characters people use etc.

Currently we use discord bots like Raid Helper to overcome this limitation but it’s very suboptimal compared to an authenticated API query of characters.

I past few days building a complete auth systeme because i thought wow.profile scope would apply to both classic and retails…
… i mean that’s really the most basic information we could expect of a mmo api…

ATM we only have access to static asset information…
… building api to share static data… w… why…?