Problems with tracking my own ticket's status

Getting in touch with support seems nearly impossible to me. About a month ago, I wrote to you with a very specific problem regarding deleted e-mail and forgotten password, which caused my brother to be unable to use his account. Since we can’t use any of the basic options to recover access (he also doesn’t have a phone number saved in his account), I was hoping we could verify his identity and get help from Blizzard.

First, I contacted support without creating Blizzard account. I’ve provided my e-mail address and described the situation. After sending it, I didn’t get any confirmation on my e-mail, nor a response for about 2 - 3 weeks, if I remember correctly.

So, I’ve decided to write again. I’ve provided my brother’s ID card photos as well. Once more, I did it without Blizzard account, but this time, I’ve decided to write down the ticket number. I didn’t get any confirmation nor a response to this ticket as well and I’m unable to check its status, even though I have a ticket number.

My third approach was to create a Blizzard account and use it to contact support, so I can actually track the status of the ticket. This time, everything seemed to work. Ticket was created, I was able to see it in my account and I thought I’ll finally get some info on what we can do. To my surprise, today I can’t see any info about the ticket in my account, even though I’ve got a confirmation on my e-mail.

I know that you have 3 duplicates of the same question right now, but I still don’t know, if you received the 2 previous ones, that’s why I’ve sent it the third time and that’s why I’m writing this post. I am aware, that receiving a response from you may take longer than usual, due to the situation in the world and that’s perfectly fine with me, there’s absolutely no hurry. The problem is that I have no idea, if my requests were even received - even though I got a confirmation for the last one, it seems that it has been deleted. I assume it could have been deleted due to it being a duplicate of another ticket, but since I can’t track the other ones, I’m left without any clue if they will be checked and if I will get a response, eventually.

To summarize, contacting support has a couple of problems, at least in my case:

  1. There is no confirmational e-mail, when I send a support request without Blizzard account.
  2. Even though doing point 1 shows a ticket number on the website after request is sent, it seems to be useless, since I can’t track down its status, if I don’t have a Blizzard account. It would be helpful, if I could provide it to support, but since contacting support doesn’t give any confirmation, that my request has been received and it would require to create yet another ticket, which would lead to the exact same problems, I’m left in some kind of communicational “void”.
  3. After creating Blizzard account and using it to send a ticket, I’ve got a confirmation on my e-mail and I could see the ticket on a website… but, it has been silently deleted. There may have been some rational reasons, such as it being deleted due to it being a duplicate, but I didn’t get any info about this and the main problem persists. Currently, I have no idea, if my problem will be verified at any time in the future.

Your brother is the one who needs to be sending in the ticket from his Bnet account using the “can’t remember email” option. That can be done without logging in.

You can not access his account and Blizzard will not deal with anyone but the registered account holder.

Your last ticket did get submitted correctly if you got an email with the ticket number. They are not allowed to delete requests without a response in most cases. However, you are not your brother, and I assume your bnet is in your name and his Bnet is in his name. They would never grant you access to it.

Have HIM put in his own tickets from an alt Bnet. with his own ID information and they will work with him on it.

Also, keep in mind that an email can only be used for one Bnet account at a time so if he wants the old one put onto a diff email, it can’t be one already in use.

Note: MVPs are other players, not Blizzard employees. MVPs do not represent Blizzard or speak for Blizzard.

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Thank you very much for clarifying this situation!

I was writing on his behalf, since my English is a bit better than his, but I understand why he should be the one sending those tickets. We’ll follow your instructions.