Problems With the Game Launcher

The launcher should make the user experience better, but it’s doing the opposite. Some of the growing problems with it are:

  1. Just about every time I want to load WOW, it is at that time it goes through a LENGHTY process of updates before the game is available to play, which by then you just lose interest or the vibe to play this game. Can we just get these updates going in the background before hand so the game is ready when we load the launcher.

  2. The constant pop up ads are annoying.

  3. Useful features like showing us remaining game time has been removed.

You can enable background updates, the ads are really annoying but it’s common for any site or app so don’t pay attention to it.

I agree that ads are expected but Blizzard keeps pushing the envelope.

  1. They redid the game launcher. When you log in the entire home page contains only ads.
  2. They started using the notification bell in the top right for ads.
  3. The launcher also has pop up ads that are the exact same ad from the launcher home page and the ad in the notification bell.
  4. eMail ads (normal ads, not complaining about these)

Basically ad channels 1-3 are duplicates of each other. To me it feels less like an ad that I would want to check out and more like Blizzard trying to shove that ad down my throat. I used to like the Blizzard ads, they usually contained content that I liked and I would often purchase items. I almost always purchase the season pass but this time around I didn’t really care for it.

Lately the content doesn’t appeal to me especially the art for Diablo 4. I mean it’s perfect for when I play a Necromancer but it doesn’t appeal to what I would want for my sorcerer. My sorcerer is all about electricity, fire, or ice. He isn’t about death, undeath, etc.

It feels like Blizzard is desperately trying to get people to purchase content that doesn’t appeal to them. They seem to have lost focus on what appeals to the customer. Most people but not all look at their characters, their kit and then think of what type of theme they would want for that specific character.

The ads really feel like desperation from the marketing team versus something to inspire the player and their various character themes.

That’s my 2 cents, your mileage may vary…