Problems with digital shop purchases and adding payment methods - feedback and a potential fix

I recently had a problem with Blizzards digital shop where I could not make purchases using a credit card without getting a “Something went wrong” error. After removing the card from payment methods I found myself unable to re-add it due to every attempt getting stuck in an endless loading loop.

I managed to solve these issues by disabling my antivirus program and allowing the options for 3rd party cookies, fingerprinting and tracking content in Firefox. Disabling any of the tracking methods even partially, enabling the antivirus or using another browser led to the same failure as before. Hopefully this will help any others who have encountered the same issues.

I feel having to allow for unconditional tracking and to disable software protections to use the digital shop is a security risk and should be fixed without delay. That these issues still persist even after years does not speak well of the Blizzards priorities.

Same here. I can’t make any purchases using credit card (both visa & mastercard). Been trying for days and i don’t have antivirus program installed on my PC. Not sure what’s happening. Guess it’s time to quit WOW since there’s no other way for me to purchase game time.