Problem with different region/servers (Hearthstone)

I have a very weird problem. I already tried asking to the Korean CS, and they gave me a few solutions to try but did not work. I will try my best to be as concise as possible.

  1. My account is a Korean account, but I have played in all NA/EU/ASIA server of Hearthstone before without any problem. I currently live in Korea, but I lived in USA for 4 years and played on NA server without a problem.

  2. This problem started after I changed my account’s email last week.

  3. When I log in to app as ASIA or EU, the app loads without a problem

  4. When I log in to app as NA (same account), app does not load properly:

gyazo com/def0fdc9e25796adf10c805678268836 (put . in between gyazo and com for the screenshot)

The app does work to the most part, but the main page does not load, saying there is problem. This does not happen when I log in as EU/ASIA.

  1. The main issue is,

If I log into as ASIA or EU, I can use the region switching button at the left bottom (above Start Game) to play on ASIA or EU (I can play on both Hearthstone servers on both servers). However, If I try to switch to play Hearthstone on NA server, this happens:

gyazo com/392263ec5b0036452d5496d141dac725 (put . in between gyazo and com for the screenshot)

  1. Oddly, if I log in as NA in the app, NA server of Hearthstone works without a problem. However, if I start Hearthstone as ASIA or EU (on NA, Hearthstone does not load and the same message above pops up.

Again, they are all on the same account, but for some reason, it acts as if my NA part of the account and EU/ASIA part of the account is separated.

  1. So, I CAN play all three servers if I keep logging in/out of the app to switch regions, but as a Hearthstone player who plays on all three servers for Masters open cups, this is annoying. It is not an emergency issue but I would like to know if there is a way to fix it for the sake of Quality of Life issues.

  1. Just some additional info which might help?
  • Right after I changed my email, I wasn’t able to play on NA server at all, even if I logged into as NA.
  • After a few days, the NA server loaded when I logged into as NA (which is the current situation), but I have no idea why. It suddenly worked without a clear reason.

I am not sure if this is Hearthstone’s or app’s problem so categorized this as Desktop App Tech Support for now.

if anyone knows a solution to this weird problem, please help.