Privacy settinger error

Same issue here.

Attempting to install the “new” authenticator app results in an error message stating that my privacy settings need to be adjusted but there’s no indication of what settings are incorrect.

I filed a ticket and they suggested I change the allow “private text chat” to “everyone” which did not resolve the issue.

My main concern here is that you’re going to remove functionality for the original authenticator before resolving this issue and I’ll lose my ability to access my games.

Latest android 13 build/updates for a Samsung S20 FE. No third party software installed that would block access to the app. Firefox browser, but also updated the privacy settings via a desktop browser to ensure they stuck.

edit: Contrary to the Pinned comment at the top of these threads… this issue is not resolved via an update.

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I went into the privacy settings via my desktop browser and set everything to on and it seems to have done the trick in allowing me to log into the Bnet app and enable the authenticator.

I then went back in and disabled all of the stuff I really didn’t want (I did however leave the text open to “everybody”) and the app appears to be logged in correctly.

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Further follow up…

It appears that groups is the setting that’s preventing access. I had turned it back off and when I attempted to log back into the app was locked out. re-enabling the Battle.Net Groups setting allowed me to log back in.

I’m strictly a single player kinda guy and have zero interest in group chat… I hope they’ll adjust this so that it’s no longer required.


I had this issue for quite a while now. Ticking on “Groups” fixed it. Thanks a lot!

Same issue here, ‘Friends’ and ‘ Groups’ as recommended on the support pages did not change this.

Device model: Google Pixel 6
Android Version: 14, Security update from November 1st
Default browser being used: Chrome (no other browser even installed)

I second the concern raised by sswilson, removing security functionality while not resolving the issues with the replacement for months is bad style and also very insecure.