Pre-Purchased Diablo IV and not able to play Beta?

I purchased D4 on Weds the 15th in the evening, I was looking forward to playing (now hearing the horror stories of getting booted and long wait times for the queue) but after downloading the beta it still tells me its not available yet? Should I have received a code? All I got was a receipt. Anyone else experience this?

If you are on PC go to the Diablo 4 game tab then use the drop down over the main play button to select the Beta Version. That should then let you log into the Beta.

If that does not work, reboot the computer then restart the launcher. That should force it to update.

Queue times were much much better when I logged in this morning so fingers crossed it will be for you too. World boss is today though so I expect some queues later.

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I will try that right now, the restart seems to be the other option so I am hoping that works as I have pre-installed the beta and the button keeps saying it hasn’t started yet.

if you bought the $70 standard one it wont let you play the beta, the 4 day early access was for the digital deluxe and the one above that.

Yes it will. ALL versions of D4 pre-purchase have access to the Beta this weekend.

The higher end packages are for the June Early Release for the main game.

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mate iv tried all this and still no luck… still showing me ‘this game cannot be played yet’

Are you able to post a screen shot of what the launcher is showing? Once you have the shot, upload it to a pic sharing site. To post the link, use the “Preformatted text” on it. That’s the </> symbol in the tool bar.

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i have restart the launcher i have done everything i had my ex hubby buy the 100.00 version n guess what still no beta launch for me on my pc or xbox

Sure, if you can get passed the ever-circling pending authentication queue.

See my post directly above yours.

FYI - on pc you need to download the beta from the app -lower left above play button dropdown gameversion menu. If the beta is installed you need to select the beta version. I know its a bit late but may help for next weekend.