Potential BUG identified during Mythic Tindral encounter

I have an BUG that I believe is legitimate. I have videos to showcase the event and logs to show the result.

During the Tindral encounter on Mythic difficulty, I have to use Blessing of Freedom talented into Unbound Freedom. 96.666% of the time, there are zero issues. I use a Focus Marco to make sure it hits the right target when I need it to. However, just last night, out of 90 casts, 3 of the Blessing of Freedoms were cast, but only got applied to myself and logs show that I cast it on myself which is false and 100% impossible.

Here is the macro:
#showtooltip Blessing of Freedom
/target [@focus,nodead,exists]
/cast [@focus,nodead,exists] Blessing of Freedom
/target Tindral

It is not possible for me to cast Blessing of Freedom on myself EVER. The ONLY way I have been able to replicate this (after many hours of troubleshooting) is as follows:

Focus target is “unfriendly” (opposite faction) and I use the macro.

This macro will not cast Blessing of Freedom on myself under any circumstance except for that one.

No Focus target? Macro Doesn’t work/ Blessing of Freedom is not cast
Focus Target alive but out of range? Macro Doesn’t work/BoF is not cast
Focus Target in range but dead? Macro Doesn’t work/BoF is not cast
Focus Target alive and in range? BOOM Macro works exactly as intended.

Please confirm if there is a bug during Tindral on Mythic difficulty where faction becomes an issue for a circumstance like this. I cannot find any other data to support any other possible reason this would happen.

Question: Does Thunderous Paws from Elemental Shaman negate Blessing of Freedom?? Seems to only happen when focus is Elemental Shaman as well.

Can offer Twitch video link if requested.

Logs available are available on request. (can’t link them)

Specific wipes and times for the events:
Wipe 7 @ 1:11 - Focus target - Elemental Shaman
Wipe 24 @ 1:09 - Focus target - Elemental Shaman
Wipe 37 @ 00:28 - Focus target - Elemental Shaman