Posting links in API forums

Please ease the trust restrictions for posting links in your two API forums. The forums are for people discussing development concepts and it’s a little absurd that we can’t post helpful links without having to complete the list of time-consuming, achievement-style games required to earn trust and post links.


While I do see some benefits in the way discourse handles trust levels as an anti-spam feature I have to agree on how annoying it is at times.

I’d like to suggest, if possible, to at least whitelist the API docs domain: and other trusted development tools like (github seems to be fine).

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll see about adding those two hostnames to the whitelist. If you have any others to suggest that you wish you had been able to link to, I’d be interested to hear them too.

Apologies for the necro!

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Thank you! :slight_smile:
It’s honestly silly that ‘battle. net’ is a restricted url on any of Blizzard’s forums, given that it’s a controlled, local system and also that their core client is called “Battle. net” and you couldn’t even type its name without adding a space or the board blocks it.