Possibility to get into an infinite loading while installing

Hi, today I’ve encountered a bug while trying to install a game after you clear up space for the game.

I’ve just purchased BlackOps, and the drive didn’t have the required space because I’ve installed Warzone earlier. So while it was on the window where you select the options & location I started clearing up some space. After I had enough space the window turned the text of how much space it required to Green and I was able to press the start button.

However, when I’ve pressed this button it the loading icon just went on and on and on, and after 3 MINUTES OF WAITING I turned barbaric and I cancelled the installation. After starting over and hitting the Install button, the window closed immediately and the download started.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install Warzone so you don’t have enough space (just a meme, a disk without space is sufficient)
  2. Try to install another game and leave the window open (Install button will be greyed out)
  3. Clear out some space (I suggest WinDirStat it’s a magnificent tool older then the average PewDiePie viewer)
  4. Hit the non-greyed out Install button
  5. Watch a movie
  6. Show your fist to your monitor out of anger

The bug already occurs after step 4.

I hope this helps :man_shrugging: