Popout Friends list option?

I gotta say, I like the new interface for the battle.net launcher, and I even like having the friends list readily visible on it as well, but I would also like the option to popout the friends list to have it in a seperate, smaller window, like how the old launcher showed friends, for times when I don’t want all the other information included with the launcher and just want to throw my friends list on my second monitor.


bliz is dumb and can’t read obvious feedback from nearly two years ago. sorry.


Please bring the friends list popout window. WHY would you remove that feature anyway?


I’m not sure what anyone else would ever use the battle net interface for besides launching a game, and putting their friends list somewhere unobtrusive to see who’s online.

It is now apparently incapable of doing the latter.

This serves as yet another reminder that interface designers, by and large, are morons, or at least they do what morons tell them to do. It seems like every time an interface is functional, the designers need to justify their continued employment by adding functionality (only very occasionally adding anything of value), removing features for no apparent reason, and changing things arbitrarily.

Blizzard may not be as bad as Facebook in this regard, but they’re giving them a run for their money.


I agree. This is a huge question mark over the heads of anybody who uses the launcher for its friends list (read: utterly everybody). We all want our friends list on our screen all the time, but nobody - and I mean nobody - wants that clunky launcher on their screen ever, let alone always.

A huge, unqualified, outright, unmitigated and unrestrained thumbs down on the new launcher, guys. Straight up roll it back and pretend this never happened.


for a simple reason, the same one they had for making the client required to start their games properly: they want us to keep their client open, all the time. and now they even want us to see the whole window, alllllllll the time.

i just hope they will re-add that “feature” soon

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There’s a setting that will auto close the launcher when a game is launched, which suggests they aren’t aiming to have it open all the time.

But if you can’t have your friends list detached from your launcher – and you want just your friends list open – you have to have this resource hog that should only serve one purpose, allowing me to open my game.

Agreed, if we want to use the friends list. I also would like a undockable friends list back.

I was only responding to the generalized claim that Bliz wants it open all the time.

It’s not an inaccurate comment by any means, definitely a stretch – but I should not have to see all of the stuff I did not care about before, now, to open up a friends list.

The game launcher is no longer a game launcher, but rather a ad filled media launcher.

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