[PLZ read it] I deleted my friend from BALLTE.NET, but they can still know my nickname changes

At frist, im sorry that i used translator. While it is only way that i can deliver my opinion, pls read it.

Here’s my case: “I want to change my account nickname and cut off contact with people I’ve known before, but I know on Battlenet that I can click on my profile to see if I’ve changed my nickname if I’ve added a friend in the past, but if I still have a conversation history, I can delete it. Please delete my information from other people’s Battlenet.”

Only the answer to this question was that it could not be modified right away. There are many reasons for changing nicknames, but of course there are reasons why you want to hide or change yourself in the game. However, in BATTLE.NET, you can check if the deleted friend’s nickname is changed as long as you have a little chat history. When you enter the chat history and click on the deleted friend’s profile, you will see the changed nickname and its battletag if you changed the nickname, even if it was deleted. If you have a history of conversation, it’s not a problem to assume who the nickname has changed.

Then Merritt’s sense of anonymity as “nickname change” is completely lost. I think if you delete a friend, it would be better to change the nickname of the friend, as well as delete the friend, so that the conversation history, if possible, will no longer remain in the deleted person’s BATTLE.NET.
As a result, I paid 10,000 won to change my nickname because there was someone I really wanted to avoid, but it was revealed again whether I changed my nickname or not, as well as whether I changed my new battle tag. Therefore, we ask Blizzard Technical Team to ensure anonymity after deleting friends.

To sum up, I hope that if a deleted friend changes the battle tag, BATTLE.NET will no longer be able to confirm it. Also, I hope that the BATTLE.NET conversation history of both those who deleted and those who were deleted will be deleted at the same time so that I cannot know if they were friends again.

Thank you for reading the long article. However, I think it is a necessary patch, so I leave my opinion.