Pls give tips to counter junk and bastion

I am not saying that these heroes require no skill I am saying they require very little in LOW ranks. My discussion on bastion is that the skill required is that you have to find a position and know when to reload, but he’s easy to counter sometimes. It depends if the team isn’t guarding him or not. Yes you will point out there are counters, but if the team is guarding him you will get focused and by the time you kill him you’ll be dead and when you respawn and get there he will already be back. My discussion on junkrat. I can NEVER play choke maps because a hint rat just sits there and spams and gets tons of kills, but in my case you can go the opposite way but you will probably get focused. Idk. And I don’t like rip tires wall climb. I don’t really have complaints about bastions ult it’s very similar to every other ultimate in the game. Well that’s my discussion thank you for reading.