Please update the SDL version!

Hello Blizzard, please update the SDL version to 2.0.22!
i have a controller with the Trigger buttons being buttons and not axis.
it seems like this problem existed in SDL up to version 2.0.19 (from what i found with my research)
so please just update to the newest version 2.0.22, Steam (if im allowed to name that here) uses it for example, and they recognize the Buttons as trigger.

i found out how to add my controller to the game so its supported by editing the gamecontrollerdb.txt and removing the entry with the ID of my controller and creating a correct entry, everything now works as it should expect the trigger buttons, i would be pleased if you guys could PLEASE update the SDL version to 2.0.22!
Please consider it, it may fix other problems people have with controllers (who knows?)

i also tried using x360ce to use my controller, with that the trigger buttons work, but i have huge input lag

Please update it, i really enjoy the game on PC and would be pleased to use my controller without the input lag caused by x360ce

so please update the SDL version to 2.0.22
i tried just replacing the .dll with the new version, but that does not quite work, as you guys still need to update the library used in the game :slight_smile:

Kind Regards,
Skyfallen, Kenny.