Please switch to standard TOTP

Blizzard, I don’t want yet another app on my phone. Please consider switching to industry standard OTP. I’d much rather use Google authenticator.

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Absolutely, their app was broken by an update like 2 years ago for me so I was forced to removed it. Also remove the number requirement bc like this even if I could I can’t add 2FA back now I can’t, ain’t falling for that scam, it’s insecure and privacy invasive and makes 0 technical sense to require for TOTP.

Thank you tyl0413 for pointing out I need to be specific about OTP.

I want TOTP. I want to use Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, OnePassword Authenticator, or any one of the numerous other Authenticators that all use TOTP.

Now tyl0413, I struggle to comprehend what you wrote. I think you’re saying that even TOTP should not be done. I disagree here. This added layer of security makes it so if someone gets your password they still won’t be able to access the account.
TOTP is not an invasion of privacy. Blizzard would generate the random security key and this random number has nothing to do with the user’s personal data.