Please stop making the launcher worse and worse


The tittle says it all… The launcher has been getting progressively more stuffed with ads and nonsense I do NOT care about at all what so ever! The FIRST page being the ad filled “Home” page is just straight up trash and I do not like it at all what so ever! PLEASE remove it entirely or give me the option to remove it or opt out or ANYTHING to get rid of it really.
I wish for the launcher to start up on the last game I played and nothing else!!
I would also like to REMOVE the “Sale” and “Home” tab completely… Dont need them… Dont want them… and it’s just making me less and less likely to engage with Blizzard content at this point and more likely to dislike the company as a whole!

The quick launch menu is actually the only good feature that has been added lately tho I’d prefer it not blocking the favorites menu like it does right now.

The launcher should just launch the game… shocking I know! Maybe give me some info on the specific game im playing (like you already do) and THATS IT!
STOP ruining what was a good product and please stop trying to make me hate this company by making moves like these in the future!

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You mean like…

On Startup, View
Last Viewed Game Page

[ ] Show Last Played Bar

As shown here…

Bro I think u should read things properly before you comment or else silly things like this happen

I’m talking bout the “HOME” page not the “Last Played” Menu you are referring to, in fact;

I said I like this menu just not the location. Swing and a miss!

Tons, and how do i even get to the forums from there?

“Last Viewed Game Page” and “Show Last Played Bar” are two different things.

So was Meteor:

Setting the Last Viewed Game Page option will prevent the Home screen from displaying when the launcher opens, essentially returning it to how it was before the update.

As for the Show Last Played Bar, yes, you said it was good feature, but you also said you don’t like it blocking the favorites bar. So it’s not uneasonable that someone showed you how to disable it.

… and some modesty would suit you.

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As a result of reading this…

…I showed you where the option to opt out / get rid of it was.

In other words, I gave you exactly what you asked for.
How does that indicate I didn’t comprehend what you asked for?

Yes, and in the On Startup, View drop-down, the default option is the HOME page. I was showing you how to change it to the Last Viewed Game Page which is how the launcher used to function before, i.e. back to how you wanted it.

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It would be great if the launcher could remember the last game you played and automatically start up on that game’s page. That way, you can quickly dive back into your gaming session without any unnecessary steps. Additionally, having some relevant information about the specific game you’re playing, like updates or news, would be helpful. I agree that the “Sale” and “Home” tabs should be optional or removable. If they don’t interest you and only serve as a distraction, it would be better to have the freedom to customize your launcher according to your preferences. Removing these tabs or providing an opt-out option would give users more control over their experience.

That’s the “Last Viewed Game Page” option already outlined above.

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I love how Blizzard actually removed the Sales tab entirely just like I suggested, nice job! Would love to see the same for the “Home” tab… not just an “op-out” (as a lot of people here mis-read what I said before!) but it being “removed” entirely as I asked in the original post to begin with. For some reason people here interpret “remove” as “op-out” these are 2 entirely different concepts… which is why I’m still wondering or people actually read my post properly but whatever… :wink:

Its interesting what you’re trying to project on me but maybe look inwards if that bothers you so much

The point is, being given the option to opt-out means that those people that actually like the Home page can continue to use it, and those that don’t can go back to their Favourites page or Last Played. You’re arguing to have something removed when you already have an option of never having to see it, which is functionally the same thing for you but would impact on players that like the functionality.

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No one is conflating remove with opt out, or has it been an issue with reading your post properly.

It has simply been people informing others that the same effect can be achieved if it’s that big of a problem. So again, modesty.

The “I know you are, but what am I” has never been a legitimate rebuttal. So again, modesty.

You seem really triggered by someone calling you out on your behavior; In the meanwhile using the; do as i say not as i do logic! Real professional! My god I hope ur not on payroll cuz if you are you not doing a very good job representing the company.

Again, sorry, Furaijin, I’m not the one accusing others of not reading properly, blathering “Swing and a miss!”, use of passive-aggressive emojis, etc. All I’ve done is make points about your claims, and secondarily a single, neutral line suggesting behavioral advice.

However, it’s your prerogative to perform whatever mental gymnastics are needed to twist the situation to fit your narrative.

As our discussion has evolved away from the topic of being able to set the app to display how you want it, I’ll leave it at that.

Lol. Its ONLY due to the fact that the summer sale ended. 100 bucks says it will be back for the next sale.