Please reduce cost of SC2 skins. All skin bundles = $700USD

The prices are crazy in general, let alone in a game that isn’t even being supported other then a couple people and pro players giving input.

I just added all the skin bundles up and the grand total was…

$692.28 USD
$933.06 CAN (I’m in Canada)

BTW, that doesn’t include the individual skins you can also buy, such as the old models for your command center.

I also find it very odd that the different bundles cost different prices.

Building bundles (there are 3 of these sets of 3 BTW) have the exact same cost difference for each style. I find that very odd. Did Blizzard contract this job out to a 3rd party company, hence the pricing? Odd enough, the building bundles are all the same price at $39.98USD, or $53.85CAD

Terran Bundle $35.52USD , or $47.84CAD
Zerg Bundle $37.74USD, or $50.83CAD
Protoss Bundle $39.96USD, or $53.82CAD

Blizzard doesn’t even care about SC2 any more. It isn’t even on the list of things happening at Blizzcon 2023, but in spite of this, they want $700 for all the bundles?

For individual purchases, I bet that beats even Diablo Immortal!

That is beyond crazy!
I honestly believe that they would make more money selling them at a reasonable price then this insult to players. :confused:

The Activision/Blizzard reputation is at stake, but they would rather be greedy than listen to reason. Let them go bankrupt so Microsoft can buy them out. It’s what they plan on anyways.

Blizzard is a company control by a bunch of money clowns. do not give them a single dime

They can have a dime. Just not 1000 of them. :frowning: