Please make workshop great again

when the overwatch workshop released in 2019, it was basically a revolution. custom game creators were enticed to go above and beyond and make truly great maps with little to no boundaries, and so people would play them and be amazed.

it was a great idea even through the content drought, giving people more ways to play when double shield got boring and stale. there were so many opportunities and nothing was off the table (well a few things, but that’s besides the point)

then in OW2 they took it down just to bring it back with even more bugs, and since then it’s just been a barren wasteland. completely neglected, no new updates, not even simple fixes at the very least. there’s so much they could add to the workshop but the potential is just being wasted. as someone who’s spent 2 years in the workshop, this saddens me to say the least. i just want the game to succeed in all aspects, creators and non-creators alike

Try posting about it here…

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thanks. i tried to before but i kept getting redirected to this forum