Please make a linux launcher

Please make finally a linux laucher
Because I want to play without configuring anything …
is this so bad?

Steam do also so…

Thats a reason why I currently play more poe instead of diablo and I think there are also a lot other players that do so.

So just make please an launcher for linux

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I was going to post the same thing. With Steam fully backing Linux, I was happy to finally shed Windows. I am primarily a Linux user now, but I still need to dual-boot into Windows just to play Black Ops Cold War.

When I used to play OW, it worked with Lutris, but I haven’t played OW in a long time now. I don’t know the state of OW and Linux. But I really don’t want that kind of experience. I’d love it if Blizzard/Activision start making their launcher and games work in Linux like Steam does. It’d be nice if they leverage Steam’s advanced work on Proton (and perhaps contribute to it too). Not ideal, but if they create their own solution just for their launcher and games, I’ll take it.

But please give me a reason to finally ditch Windows! If not, being the only thing that’s keeping me from 100% Linux, I’ll just ditch Blizzard/Actiivision games for Steam alternatives.

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Activision Blizzard is slow moving.
The game engine of games is not optimized.

Better to wait for native API support for Vulkan.
DXVK currently in World of warcraft is much better than DX12.
Get a good graphics card Compatible with Vulkan.

  • Project Ascension has Linux support.
    The Ascencion development team are very advanced.
    They use AppImage for the Launcher.