Please fix app agent battle net

Theres like a lot of people ( me included) having a lot of troubles with slow downloads and installs… I don’t get why it is so hard to fix something that u have for like 4-6 months already?
Tengo problemas con el battle net desde hace meses y no hay forma de poder arreglarlo. He probado literalmente todo para corroborar que no tengo nada que ver. Así que por favor, arreglen esto ya por dios


The may be a permanent solution if you don’t mind using the beta bnet launcher (I had for over 6 months without issue.)

I was running the beta version of bnet and never had this issue. I had recently uninstalled bnet on my pc and reinstalled and began encountering this issue. (No, there wasn’t a limit on the download speed. I tired with both the box unchecked, then set to 150,000 kb, same results, either way)

It took me a bit to remember I was running the beta version previously, and the new install was the base version.

After updating to the beta version (an option in the bnet settings), the problem disappeared.

Note, the download on the beta will also drop, briefly after the initial pulse… but unlike the live app, it WILL recover… eventually giving me 60+mb/s both times i tried it by installing/deleting Wrath whose download was also broken on the base app (after the beta app had already fixed the DF download issue).

Unsure what the specific differences are between the apps regarding the related code, but tech support needs to look into it and correct the issue with the current production app.

The problem is not 4-6 months old, it was present even in the old client.

Don’t even remember at this point when it started. It was probably in 2020 during pandemic they decided to cut server costs and made downloads use bittorrent, so you are connecting to other users and as you can imagine there are connectivity issues and your download speed drops even to 0.

All these “solutions” like changing download limits don’t solve anything, they probably seem to work, because when you change your settings client connects to new peers, so download is faster for a while, but then it drops again for whatever reason.

I have reinstalling Diablo IV for I don’t know how much now, I always stuck at 69% consistently have 0 - 1kbps it is frustrating

got into game, but having questing errors, so I quit. i hope this gets fixed in a reasonable amount of time.

I had the same issue yesterday downloading Diablo 4, took hours to download… and when it reached 99% TOOK ALMOST ONE HOUR to download 70 mb i mean wtf. Today i wanted to play and servers were down and failing. Poor those who pay for this sh*t i have diablo free because of game pass but anyway is so far one of the worst platforms. The worst part is im seeing comments and reviews that servers are not working from like 8 hours ago and still no fix (???

Servers are failing from like 8 hours ago and still no fix

Yup, still stuck at 69%

I tried redownloading it for a couple of time still stuck at 69% for unchecked High Res Assets

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