"Please authorize this purchase with a quick security check"

Hello, I am trying to get the monthly subscription for WoW, but the screen for “security check” popped up and still couldn’t proceed after inputting the expiration date and cvv.

What does this “security check” supposed to mean?

Nevermind it is working now somehow


Hello, I’m having the exact same problem by 02/03-2020, how do i fix it?

I had this problem when I was trying to buy an adventure on my mobile. It seems to work if you try it on a PC. It asks you for the expiry of your card and its CVV. But on the mobile it doesn’t seem to give you the option to do this (at least not on Chrome on my android phone).

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I think this happens when you use a new payment method. Select cancel and then subscribe by selecting the newly added payment method and not “new method”. You will get the prompt for the security check, but it will work after you fill it out. hope this helps


I concur. Adding a new payment method during ordering gave me this excact error aswell. After (having to) press cancel, and going back and redoing the process but chosing an existing (new) payment method, I could verify and complete. On a PC. It suggests the error is consistent, but easy to work around.

I assume no risk in this, the subscription is linked to the account, and accordingly you couldn’t be billed twice by mistake.

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