Play the game with us on GOG's EVERY weekend!

Hello wonderful people !

I hereby announce that I will be streaming and hosting a large variety of maps on Warcraft II BNE every saturday and sunday on GOG’s server starting usually around 8PM GMT (3pm EST).
I am welcoming every positive, and friendly, person out there that just want to play the game and have fun on an old game.

No matter if you are good or terrible at the game you should all be able to enjoy the game and have fun with us, so make sure you give it a try!

We meet in the “Op Trogallart” channel this is our home for the time being, so make sure you join that channel to see who is online when you arrive on

Make sure you join our Discord and find me on Twitch / Youtube where my name is the same it is here : “Trogallart”.

PS: I know many of you have tried private servers before and had a very hard time enjoying your time there, here is a chance for you guys to just have fun on an old yet amazing game without having to go anywhere else !

Disclaimer: I only play on the GOG server, but I wont judge if you want to play more war2 in other places when I am not arround, so you do you ! :slight_smile:

Great! I will be there. =)

Cu on Saturday!

Quick update:
These sessions are actually super fun!!!

We play a lot of different maps including some various custom just for fun maps like Chop, BGH (fastest possible map), Paintball, Poke the ogre or peon olympic run, to name a few.

We also play all the classic iron man maps and melee maps including the famous Kpuds and your maps, and many other water maps.

We have experienced players and new players alike playing.
That said if you are a beginner you will learn pretty quick: after the games, make sure you check the vods of my stream I usually give a lot of tips for you guys to improve and tell you what you want to work on at your level to git good faster.

Next weekend we will introduce a new kind of maps featuring a rebalanced version of the game where paladin’s heal actually heals and many more cool things!

Make sure you guys tune in saturday at 8pm GMT on the “Op Trogallart” Channel on !

See you guys next weekend for more Warcraft 2 <3