Pirate's Day saddle still not working

I purchased the saddle for the highland drake during pirate’s day and i have still not ever been able to use said saddle as the game just says i don’t have it unlocked. I contacted support months ago about it and they said i did unlock it but the devs made a mistake and i should wait for a fix as no refund is available. Months later and still not one word about them fixing this issue. I get that it only affects a few people but that is some serious BS that you wont fix it or refund the gold spent for the item that isn’t working at all.

edit: this experience has been made worse by the fact that this system here is designed to limit exposure of posts as it will not let you post in a new category or create one and the list of categories this could be listed under was 5 options about diablo, the api of battle net and other non relevant options. None said, warcraft issues or the like. disgusting that they spend this much effort to ignore their customers when half as much effort could likelt resolve most of their customers issues.

That’s because World of Warcraft has its own forums; you will find them here:

The WoW Customer Support forum might be a good place to ask… it functions as an Information Desk. You may be able to get some info about what your alternatives are.

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