Physical Authenticator and new App

I am a little confused on the migration to the new App. I currently use the physical key fob. Am I required to migrate to the mobile app by Jan 4th? I know the FAQ on the website talked about migrating the current mobile app authenticator to the new one and if I want to migrate from the physical to the app, I will have to deactivate my physical. But it didn’t say anything about requiring physical users to the mobile app.

Actually, the FAQ does say something… or the one here does.

I have a physical Authenticator keychain. Do I need to take any action?

No. The physical authenticator is not affected by this change. However, the physical authenticator is no longer available and when the battery dies you will need to use the Mobile App to continue using the Authenticator feature.

You need to decide, I suppose, if you want to wait until your physical authenticator dies before switching over. How old is your authenticator ?

it is a good 5 to 8 years old. Potentially longer. I know at least sometime around Legion (whether before or after I cannot remember). The battery is still good. The screen is not dimmed at this point.

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