Phone verification doesn't work

hello, i’m not reciving any verification sms to my phone, and i can’t play the game because of that, anyone has solved this issue and can help me?, it’s very annoying, i pay so much money and i can’t even play and i didn’t talk about thier support not responding to me…

have you tried changing the phone number in your battle net account?
it’s an application on google play: Battle-net Authenticator where you install it on your phone and you get the code on your phone

it’s first time i give my phone number in battlenet…
i tried what u write, doesn’t work unfortunately :frowning_face:


There is some troubleshooting that you can try here:

I tried this couple of times…

Had the same issue. My country code is +381, so the system forced me to enter one less digit years ago, when I didn’t really care about phone. But now, in order to change it, I had to send 4 different tickets (got 4 template responses) in order to get my old number removed. I was able to add new one correctly (it’s basically same phone number as before just with extra number).
Just keep explaining your issue in ticket answers and someone will eventually not send a template response and read your ticket.

Thank for everyone who tried to help me, I turn my gps on and suddenly i received all the messages, also it was the first time i buy from battlenet and also the last time, thier support is so bad.
I mean, 2 days i didn’t get answered what is this?

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I recently bought Call Of Duty Modern Warfare (2019). And when I tried to play it, it told me I needed to add a phone number to my Blizzard account. So I went to my Blizzard account and tried to add my phone number. It told me it sent a code to my phone number, but it didn’t. It happened every time, with 3 phone numbers.

I have the same problem. Please solve this problem or give me my money back.

Why is no one answering? Where is the support?

Ahahaha… No one cares… ok

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