Phone Numbers Not Accepted

Posting this everywhere until we get answers.

We’re not on pre paid plans, our numbers are valids, your code needs to be checked or better yet TESTED.

I BEGGED CUSTOMER SUPPORT to flag this to the dev team and he just remained adamant on the fact that its not their issue and they dont have the power to raise the issue. Meanwhile IS ANYONE LOOKING AT THIS FORUM?? You’ve had a massive influx of new users and we’re all turning away because someone didnt update the list of area codes in the backend??? So shameful for a company thats been around for over a decade.

I live in ontario and so far only ONE area code works (647), when we have over 7(289,905, 519, etc) in the region. this is ridiculous, i cant play anything, going back to steam, origin, epic games where they dont pull this crap. unacceptable in 2020. The more I search online I’m disheartned to see this error is not new to Blizzard.

Due to the issue. Customer support suggests that those with this issue, are to purchase the full game to unlock full access to the free stuff without needing to verify the account.

okay thank you, thats somewhat of a workaround at least