Phone numbers in Ukraine still randomly don't register

So, recently my friends and I discovered that we wouldn’t be able to play Overwatch 2 without registering a phone number. Well, not a problem, just register your number I thought. But, here goes the main surprise: part of my friends were able to register their number while part of them didn’t. All on the same mobile operator, all on the same type of contract (internet + mobile service). But some of the numbers were accepted and some didn’t.

I went to google it all and it appears that Blizzard is aware of this problem for years and, in their typical fashion, does nothing.

I went to support and so far they twice copy-pasted the same stuff that is in their FAQ while completely ignoring anything I actually asked. Again, in their typical fashion.

So, my question is, will anything be done about this or can I just throw my blizzard account into trash and forget about it?


Same problem in my country new caledonia, I send them my phone invoice but still no reply… I cant play ow anymore, I bought the ow2 package for early access for nothing… its a shame!!!


Same problem, can`t register my number or my moms, but my brother and friend can.
We use same cell phone operator(kyivstar).


Yep, also using Kyivstar. And I really don’t get why is this number is good for literally every other service online but not for Blizzard.

Still no reply from blizzard…

Hi there, I do not work at Blizzard. The classification of the numbers (prepaid vs postpaid) is completed by the carrier. So the potential reason for this issue is:

  • some people on prepaid plans instead of postpaid, or
  • some numbers are classified incorrectly or reused by the carrier.

Same here , I have Kyivstar postpaid number since 2017

same, when the second part was released, two copies of the first were taken :expressionless:

So what i should do ? I have bought overwatch 1 and i have post-paid number , but i can’t play this game, @Blizzard ??

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