Phone Number Verification

Bought the game on Xbox One and figured out I couldn’t play it on PC so I said “f*** it” and downloaded the free Warzone version on PC and I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal-not having access to anything but Warzone-come to find out I can’t even play the free version on PC! I mean wtf how can you have a free game but you have to verify your phone number to even play it and if you aren’t with a specific cell provider you can’t even verify the f***ing number, but they wait until you wasted 2/3 of your life downloading this game to tell you that. I have the full game on Xbox that I spent full price for and you’re telling me that I can’t go on my Xbox and input a phone number there? Where I’m a verified owner of the full game? I’ve also linked my Activision account to my battlenet account so you can clearly see that I’ve purchased the full game, it’s not a verification issue, a system could easily tell that I spent my hard earned money on this pos. Talk about some shady and scummy business practices going on, 100% guarantee that Activision or Blizzard have some kind of deal with the mainstream providers to have only their customers be able to access a Call of Duty game, I mean how dumb does that sound? And you know for a fact that this disproportionately affects colored communities who can’t afford to pay $120 a month for a two line plan from Verizon, I thought all these companies stood against racial injustice and stood for equality (lol no one with a functioning brain believes any of these companies that say that stuff but they love to act like they care) Activision just wants the rich white kids who have lots of money to download the free Warzone version so they’ll buy the battle pass and spend thousands on skins. Then again maybe Activision felt bad for how horribly ripped off anyone paying for Verizon, AT@T, or Sprint is, they legit scam people with their overcharging for nothing, but that can’t be true because no one at Activision cares about anything if it doesn’t improve their bottom line, sorry to say but if you treat your consumers like s$$$ and spit in their face at every waking moment then the bottom line is going to be hurt beyond repair. This really is the last straw for me, if this doesn’t get changed or fixed then Activision or Blizzard won’t get another penny from me and a lot of others. This move is so anti-consumer it hurts I kinda expect this from you guys but not to this extent my god. How can you block off a decent chunk of your consumer base with this? Who knows I could’ve logged in and bought $100 in COD points along with countless others who have this same problem, so for them to cut us off like this has to be a move motivated by even more money than they thought they would get out of the people who can’t access the game right now, this is PURE GREED!!! I can’t believe I’m saying this but I might have to switch to EA at least they’re not as anti-consumer as Activision-Blizzard slightly