Phone Number Verication Code Not Send

Phone Number Verication Code Not Send To Play COD MW WZ 2.0

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I have a problem. For the third day now, I have not received an SMS with a code for linking the number to my account on my phone number. Because of this, I can’t play CoD:MW II Remastered and CoD:WARZONE 2.0.

I contacted support several times, but now they began to ignore my messages.
Today, too, it did not work out to bind a phone number. SMS from Battlenet still does not reach.

I did everything according to the instructions that your assistant provided to me in the very first message, changed tariff plans, changed SIM cards, changed the telecom operator, changed phones and still did not help.
Yesterday I bought the game for $70 but I could not enter it because it requires a phone number to be linked.

When trying to bind a phone number, there are NO errors like “Enter a phone number with a valid pay-as-you-go” rate.

I also called my mobile operator, but in the support of the mobile operator they told me that all SMS are coming, all except yours (Battlenet). So it’s a problem on your part (Battlenet).
From other gaming platforms, sites, applications, I receive SMS, not only from you (Battlenet).

In our country (Uzbekistan) we only have this kind of tariff plans and there is nothing I can do about it. All mobile operators in the country in general.

Why do you even need to bind a phone number for a game that I already spent $ 70 on? I already spent money on it, what else do you need?

Link my phone number to my account, or remove restrictions in CoD:MW II Remastered and CoD:WARZONE 2.0 for my account or for all accounts in general.

In a chat with technical support, I provided all the screenshots from the personal account of my mobile operator’s application with the data of my phone number from the application of my mobile operator, where the phone number, the current tariff, as well as my first and last name are clearly and clearly indicated.

A screenshot of the “messages” application on the phone, where you can see that other SMS are successfully received, as well as a screenshot with incoming SMS about replenishing the account of the phone number.

I also provided you with a photo of my passport to prove my identity and ownership of my phone number and (Battlenet) account.

During these 3 days I have already spent $ 40 on tariff plan changes and other things. Please solve the problem.