Phone Number Invalid in Malaysia

Im from Malaysia, I tried to enter phone number so I can play Warzone but it keep invalid even I tried many type of format. Malaysia number is +6018xxxxxxx, I tried 018xxxxxxx, 18xxxxxxx, 6018xxxxxxx, 018-xxxxxxx etc. it still invalid, please solve this problem, the country registered are correct as well.


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Hi, I’m from Malaysia too. I’m using umobile postpaid phone number and it still says my phone is invalid. They suggest to contact our customer service to see why it’s so. I’ll keep you updated if there’s any progress


Is there any update on this?

No luck. Neither Blizzard nor umobile are giving any solutions

Is there any other way to play warzone?

I’ve random tested on some prefixes, numbers begin with (011-xxx xxxx, 015-xxx xxxx, 018-xxx xxxx) aren’t able to register

i have this issue as well, seems they still not fixing this issue

have anyone figured out how to add phone number? coz i still cant.

This issue has been going on since last year… Blizzard is fkin hopeless man wtf.
Downloaded a huge file game and because of this stupid bug I can’t even play the game.

still havent figure out the problem…blizzard is stupid man