Permanent ban out of nowhere

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on the forums. So yesterday I was playing Diablo immortal when I received a ban notice/email. I have filed a ticket to try to figure out what’s going on but have gotten nothing but automated bull. I would really like some help with this because I’ve been a long time blizzard fan and frankly, this is ridiculous. Can any mods help me with this at all? Anyone on here have ideas for actually getting answers from blizzard?

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welcome to the club. there are thousands of us banned for no reason and without explanation, the appeal does not exist, it is not read and I doubt that Blizzard cares about the players. by now there are thousands of posts and reviews that talk about this, you can also find hundreds of videos on YouTube, the only thing left to do is avoid this horrible company in the future. resigned


I’m filing with the bbb and trying to refund today. It’s ridiculous what blizzard has become. I’ve gotten 3 automated responses to tickets

Best wishes for the compensation. but in any case there wasn’t much to trust in a company like that… Female employees of Activision Blizzard faced “constant sexual harassment” and discrimination based on their gender

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