Permanent ban but I haven't even had time to install

Hi, I received an email saying that I was permanently banned for violating the battle agreement. But I just bought my first game today on blizzard, Diablo 2. The number I purchased the game with is 960582904. In order to play the Diablo 2 I purchased, I downloaded and registered Battle for the first time today. Then when I was using Battle to download Diablo 2, my account number Banned. I haven’t even had time to install and open the game, and I don’t understand how I violated your agreement. I don’t understand how I violated the rules when I used battle for the first time and didn’t even install it or start playing the game.
I created a new account so I can ask this question. You can’t make me pay for a game I haven’t even installed or played even once. Please help me solve this problem or give me a refund for my Diablo 2 purchase. Please contact me so I can provide my banned account

I have never heard of this kind of ban. You will need to submit a ticket directly to Blizzard Support.

There is nobody in these forums who can help you other than show you how to submit a support ticket.

You can ask for a refund or ask for additional help about your account by clicking below and choose ACCOUNT: