PC : Please fix these QoL Issues!

  • Make Click on Minimap Optional. As a WIZ and Demon Hunter - we are constantly clicking on the edges to take on mobs since we stay out of range. This means a CONSTANT click on Minimap that opens up the map FULL SCREEN - exposing us to mobs attacking us behind the scenes since its an online game, which is unacceptable!! The M key suffices, please provide an option to disable mouse click on the minimap.

  • Provide Autopickup Loot key. Its impossible to accept clicking with a mouse to pick up loot. This was a standard feature in Diablo series - why take it away?

  • The mouse pointer and object hitbox dont match. If I have to click on an object to interact with it, I have to point substantial pixel distance BELOW the object. This is just wierd and in a large grouping of players very difficult to position.

  • Reduce the volume/provide option to disable it on the Launch Screen. In the absolute opening screen where you choose the servers, the volume is like an explosion. Its also very jarring and really very disturbing. Please provide an option to disable it on subsequent play through.

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