PC over console i assume

Diablo Servers are down on console for over 7 hours. not even 1 post on twitter to that. if it would affect pc, there would be a twitter message after 10 mins max. same with the ps5 only update which made game unplayable. even that got only 1 small post at the start and no solution or something else later on.

Consoles should be taken out of the equation all together. Maybe then the PC servers will straighten up and those on the console can go back to glitching their 1st person shooter games.


Yeah, let’s punish people who spent money and invested time to develop their characters instead of pressuring/criticizing a multi million company that failed to prepare. Great take, pal.

Now lets not be too harsh on SerpentsSoul just because hes 100% correct. Side note, Blizzard isn’t doing jack for keeping PC players in the loop outside of that giant turd they put out after a week of shamefaced hiding. Invest some money into your product you cheap slags.

So you are okay for console users who invested money and time to have their access to the game revoked? His “100% correct” take suggests exactly that. Soul of a Serpent indeed.

the problem here is putting a 20 year old PC gaming platform onto consoles. the game was designed for PC then you ad all the new graphics AND trying add it to console and cross compatibility.

multi BILLION… dont sell yourself short

I will admit, in retrospect, putting my Kalashnikov to Blizzard’s head and forcing them to advertise/sell me a console game wasn’t a good idea…

As a software developer, I’m not having any of this waffle. I will be fired from my work for less.

Your fault for playing a diablo game on a console lmao what were you thinking?

“LMAO what were you thinking to play a game on a console”… Diablo seems to attract the most superficial shallow brain-dead corporate-worshipping meatheads, doesn’t it?