Paypal refund time

Hi, so I bought Diablo 2 and submitted a ticket for refund. This was approved

On my transactions it says refunded. However I’m still yet to receive this, it’s been 5 days and nothing has appeared.

Just wondering how long usually do refunds take via PayPal?

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I don’t know what PayPal’s polices are. Some payment methods have very long return times. This article has some details about average wait times and the process.

Note: MVPs are other players, not Blizzard staff. MVPs do not speak for Blizzard or represent Blizzard.

What happens after the 10 days then?

If 10 days have passed I would talk to PayPal and see if they have received the refund notice. I don’t know what their policy is. If they have NOT gotten a refund notice and it is not queued on their end, I would submit another ticket to Blizz and ask about it.

I am also overdue regarding 2 refunds for Diablo 2, paid via PayPal.

Today i’ve had to contact support.

I also notice 36 minutes ago from me typing this post the “refund policy” has been updated for Blizzard’s site. I find that interesting.

Did your refund arrive?
I’m in the same situation, they’re telling me the refund is completed since 2 weeks now, i have yet to receive anything neither on PayPal on on my bank account.
Support is not really supportive…

Nope, all blizzard has done has told me to reach out to paypal.

Any updates on anyone elses end?

edit - I’ve raised a case with Paypal like blizzard support asked me to. Will update for further details

Same problem in 2023 . Paypal is the problem avoid this company the support is disgusting . They eat me 200 $ in 2021 now they eat my 150$ diablo IV refund. I lost 350$ . Thanks to Elon and his Bot support who can’t resolve any issu3