Pathetic state of Warcraft 3 Reforged

So its been few years now but the state of new bnet is abysmall, just a “couple” of my grievances:

  1. Totally random disconnects - My internet works, everything else connected to net works fine, there is no break in connection but I get logged out bnet and disconnected from the game. Happens almost daily

  2. Matchmaking in Random Team is just that TOTALLY RANDOM! MMR, score etc, doesn’t matter really, most games are either autowins or autolosses due to huge gap in team skills.

  3. My profile in-game showing 1-0 for 2 years now, just a complete and utter joke

  4. Patches and balance??? Can people who don’t play this game stop “balancing” it?
    Blizzard earns so little they can’t spare like 200$ to pay a few pro players, ask em what they think should be done with certain things and then just go from there?

Good morning! You seem a bit lost on your journey traveler. This forum is for Warcraft 2.

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