Pascal access to WOW GAME API

Hi all,

considering that TSM has a system for creating groups, but not editing items, I am creating a simple desktop application in Lazarus/Pascal, which would be able to create and edit groups of items and their subsequent export to TSM group creator and TSM WoW Addon. For this, I would need advice on how to access the GAME API, so that when the application starts, informations from the API (Classes, Subclasses, etc.) are always updated.

I have the ClientID, Client Secrets, and when I access the API on the Blizzard site, everything works as it should. A token is created through which I can access the data after entering URL in the address bar that contains “&access_token=[my token]” at the end. Of course, this only works as long as the token is active.

Does anyone know how to create a token in Pascal including what libraries to use?

And one more question about the API. I couldn’t find any “Sources Index” listing for the items. On Wowhead, there are sources such as “drop”, “achievement”, “vendor”, etc. But on the Blizzard API I only found Classes and Subclasses of items. Is it possible to get Source IDs (Indexes) somewhere?

Thanks for the anwers