Parental Controls - Managed Account - Mojave

I play Blizzard games. I’ve been showing them to my son, and he is interested. I want to set up a separate user account on my computer, then get him his own account.

I am fairly competent when it comes to Mac, and I have taken steps to create an account for him with parental controls enabled. When I select battle net or a specific game to be allowed, it keeps popping up with “you don’t have access to crash reporter” or some other stuff like that.

Also, if I give that user account access to battlenet and all the games, how do I make him his own account so he’s not just logging into mine?

Does anyone have any advice on this?

Hey, Gerlock! Is the new account on the system an admin account or just a standard account? It could be that the Blizzard Application on the secondary account is restricting some necessary permissions for the games to launch.

As for the Blizzard account, if your son is below the age of 13, an account cannot be created. The account can be created under your name and details with parental controls attached, if this is the issue. Once he’s 13 or older, the account can be transferred under his name and details.