Pacific Warzone Launch Error/Crash

I am unable to load Pacific Warzone from App. However, I DO NOT receive error code blzbntbgsfffff01.
This problem started with the latest update (“patch”) to COD Warzone (Pacific), which I first downloaded on Dec. 17, 2021.
When I click “Play” on the App I receive a BSOD (blue screen of death) and this message…
No, No, No…don’t tell me that there is an error with my memory or a driver.
I have run two (2) memory tests (MemTest86 [7 hours] & Windows Memory Test) and both had NO errors. I have also downloaded and installed a Driver tool which has updated ALL drivers on my system, including GPU driver. The GPU driver(s) have been verified with NVIDIA.
My system:
Windows 10 64-bit,
Intel i7-7820x 3.60GHz,
32 GB RAM,
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB,
Free Space (at this time): 567 GB on Samsung EVO Plus SSD,
Broadband up to 400Mbps, and
DirectX 12.
I have performed the following tasks:
Installed ALL windows updates,
Installed ALL driver updates,
Deleted ALL of and COD ModernWarfare files from system (twice),
Installed - with anti-virus off (twice),
Installed (through ModernWarfare (Pacific) Warzone - with anti-virus off (twice),
Running and ModernWarfare.exe as administrator,
Moved game files to own Battlenet folder on storage drive (D);
I have run scan and repair on game files three (3) times; and
I have allowed access to the following files in BOTH anti-virus and Windows Firewall - Launcher.exe,,
ModerWarfare Launcher.exe, and
Yes, access was added to anti-virus even though I disables anti-virus for the last three attempts at loading game.
I feel like I have tried EVERYTHING and have spent many hours troubleshooting. The game files, as installed on my system, WILL NOT LOAD!
I have seen BSOD enough that I have nightmares about it.
At this point, I am ready to take up competitive knitting.

Any assistance you may provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Would somebody from Tech support please reply?


Im having the same issue. Been frustrating. Every time I click on PLAY for warzone, it goes to that blue screen and creates a mem dump.

Hello, I can’t seem to run warzone I have already tried everything you said but the problem persists, if you could help me it will be fine. Thank you goodbye

I’m literally in the same boat as you, except whenever I try to launch mine the loading bar loads, but then it automatically freezes my OS and I have to restart my PC.
Why in God’s name would they create such an unoptimized pile of garbage?

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I have the same issue as you, guys. I recieve de error code BLZBNTBNA00000012. And I do not know what should I do to solve it. Any ideas?

It’s actually quite easy to get rid of the BLZBNTBNA00000012 error message.
What you need to do is create a new folder where your Warzone is installed (preferably somewhere in C:\Program Files (x86)), thereafter cut and paste the Modern warfare folder into the new folder that you’ve just created (you can name it whatever you’d like).
Go back to BattleNet and locate the files in your new folder and it’ll automatically start updating.
If it doesn’t work the first time try repairing the files and repeat the same step as mentioned above until it finally launches for you.
My problem is entirely different than yours, because the game actually launches for me, except it’ll stall when it fully loads and I am forced to reboot the PC because it literally freezes up my start menu and I have to wait several minutes until this stupid message pops up saying that I don’t have enough storage. This is absurd because I have a beefed up rig that can handle this game with ease and enough storage at that.

My specs:
Windows 10
4770K @4.2Ghz
GTX 1070

So what gives?

Same got the same issue “unexpected kernel trap mode” did you find a fix ? this been happening for the past 15 days

in my case i had 3 errors in 3 attempts. 1st whitelist 2nd BLZBNTBGS00000002 then 3rd unable to access online services. what should i do?

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Hi, I’ve read your post here and I myself am getting all the same issues and now I cant log in at all due to the most recent update that I done before heading off to work a couple of days ago.
I do hope that everyone affected will get some sort of extension on the battle pass as I know a lot of players that only play WARZONE and none of the other cods as they don’t have them.
I’ve tried everything I can think of and also followed forums from a (Sammi Liu).

and as I thought none of it works for me.

this all started with the new update for WARZONE so its definitely ACTIVISIONS problem.


This is exactly what my laptop is doing after that last update.
I know its not my laptop as its only a week old and been fully updated.

I’m using the AORUS 17G YD, i7 , 32gb ram, RTX 3080.

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Hey there,

Limitations with Blizzard Support for Activision titles.
In regards to Call of Duty Titles, we only handle the distribution of the game client for Activision. We will assist with anything related to the desktop application and anything with the game client that involves purchasing, activating, downloading/installing and launching. Anything that occurs after you can press the play button is going to be addressed the Activision support portal: Support Options | Activision Support

If you can press the play button and then you receive a BSOD, then that is a Windows level issue. While the game client may have issues that can cause a crash, a BSOD specifically is a Windows failure. Even if you solve the game client issue, there may still be an underlying issue with the Windows installation that can show up elsewhere. At any rate for game client crashes you would need to reach out through the Activision Portal I mentioned.

If you are unable to install or update and receive BLZBNTBNA00000012 when attempting to do so, that is a corrupt data/permissions issue. It could have a number of potential causes but the core solution will be to essentially nuke the app and game data and reinstall to an appropriate location.

It is discussed here: