OW2 Where is group finder?!

The only thing that made Overwatch fun, was finding social groups to play with, where everyone used their mics and had a good time. Why was this removed? What the hell is are you guys thinking over there at Blizzard?!

(PS. Why the hell is there no Overwatch categories for posting this?! How can you guys at Blizzard be this incompetent??)


This was my favorite thing too. Sad to see it go


kinda agree, a little embarassing.


Truly sad noises no more random groups. I been using the group finder long time was my favorite thing.


No group finder?! No chatting with randoms anymore…how are teams supposed to communicate?! Put group chats back in Blizzard!!


Cmon. Finding random players to have fun with on mic. Sing together, discuss while on target practice, play quick, comp. I’ve met most of my overwatch friends on group finder. It was imo one of cooler things that they added to ov1…


It was the only thing making Overwatch a good game. The match finder is unable to put you with people of a similar skill level; it has never been able to. With the find a group option we could make sure everyone had mics and look for any red flags in their profile…


“How can you guys at Blizzard be this incompetent??”

They were bought by Microsoft. That’s how.


Groupfinder made competetive playable. Now if u have no mates to play with, u have to soloq. Embarassing

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ALL TRUE, so upsetting!

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Group finder was literally the only way I and many others made friends in Overwatch. One could easily find/make a group of people with similar game style/communication/effort. (i.e. people who wanna play arcade vs comp)

Ive already began to notice the absolute decline in team morales bc people literally dont have the option to play with intentional teammates vs a bunch of randoms.

Please change this soon. Im running out of reasons to play OW2 at this point; Especially with a slim ability to timely unlock ANY skins without a paywall.

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bro frr thus was the best thing the only reason I consistently played the game I spent hours in there <333

This is soo true. Without even joking, i quit overwatch because ranked isnt fun without the group findet