OW2 SMS Pre paid

Hi id like to address the overwatch 2 requirements for the sms protection.

I myself have a plan but others I know use prepaid phone sims. I’d like to just give some constructive suggestions.

I understand that blizzard may be considering these as burner phone type deals, but allot of countries have large amounts of people that use prepaid sims and have been for years, I myself only recently changed to a plan.

I think not only is it extremely unfair to the loyal fans of overwatch to be shut out of the game for this but also a bad buisness move.

For the effort of monitoring voice chat and setting this system up I feel that it would be much easier to have a dedicated support team for reports of toxic behaviour and deal with ut that way.

Rather than monitoring all voice chat which some may consider a breach of privacy but also it will require allot of time to sift through. Perhaps a method of recording the last 30sec after someone reports a player would cut down on the time needed to address these toxic players.

But the main issue I feel is the post paid/pre paid sims. Allot of players will be lost to this requirement which would suck for them and for the Overwatch Blizzard team who put in so much effort for the players.

I hope you take this in to consideration.

Thank you kindly, Connor. ‘Loving fan’


Apparently in 2020, there were at least 74 million people using prepaid plans in the United States alone. That’s over 22% of the country’s population. It’s a bit disappointing seeing that they’re willing to just completely throw out over 22% of the American population. Also ironic, considering Blizzard got booed and made fun of for years for the good ol’ “Do you guys not have phones?” line. I was planning to spend a pretty large sum of money on Overwatch 2, as well, but now it’s pretty clear they don’t want my service. A little disappointed that I spent money for Happi Genji though, considering I never really got to use him. And now I may never get to use him or any of my other skins again, all because I have Cricket Wireless.