OW2 refunds after PVE cancel

Refunds for season 1 OW2 battle passes for misleadingly promising PVE-compatible content when?


Though I wish they would, but I highly doubt they would even entertain this idea of refunding battle passes.

they should give the money back i pre paid for the pve not the skins or the coins if i knew before i pre ordered it that the pve promised was not going to be i would of never bought it. looks like its just a cash grab like every other company is doing. I have asked for a refund and so far they have told me that cant do it because of the in game currancy and cosmitices can not be refunded. They have also said that it was bought so long ago that they cant give a refund because you only have 14 days to ask for a refund. something should be done.


It is False advertisment promised a pve type of game that was shown at blizz con and even though they have know for about a year that the pve that was shown was never going to come and not say anything intill now. We was promised a Pve mode that was shown at blizz con and a lot of ppl bought the game to play that pve not to play overwatch1.


You know I don’t understand why more people aren’t upset about this. Let me start by explaining my issue with the whole situation. So I bought the Overwatch® 2: Watchpoint Pack for a total $44.07. I made this purchase solely based on they said that if you bought this pack when PVE came out you could play it. They also made it seem like if you were on the free version you wouldn’t be able to play the PVE. Me, and all my friends I play with were suckered into this, by the idea that overwatch 2 was going to be more than free/battlepassed overwatch 1.

We were promised that PVE was coming a month after launch… then multiple time since the release of Overwatch 2 they said PVE is coming around this time, we’re still working on it etc. all this time I’ve been patient and thinking cool well when it comes out I’ll be able to jump back into the game and try it out. Then they announce its never coming… had that been the case from the start I would have NEVER bought that watchpoint pack. I would have just played the free version and maybe bought the battlepass to play a week and go this just overwatch 1 w/o as many maps, and quit pretty much like I did but that would have cost me like $10 instead of $40 so do I think I should get the whole amount of my purchase? Not necessarily, but I should definitely should be credited something. PVE in Overwatch 2 was a blatant lie. IDC about the dev struggles… I want was I was told I was getting that caused me to make this purchase.


Greetings, Jeffrey!

Thanks for getting back to Blizzard Entertainment. This is game master GM Aowziodost.

I see you have been with us since 2012, and it is an honor assisting you today.

Thank you for reaching out to me regarding your desire for a refund of Overwatch 2 following the recent developer update. I want to start by expressing my gratitude for your continued support and enthusiasm for Overwatch 2. Your loyalty as a long-time player means a great deal to me.

Without further ado, what I could gather by reading what you wrote us, is that you’re reaching out to us, to refund the Overwatch 2 purchase. Rest assured that I have completely understood your issue and I will be working on a resolution that meets your expectations.

I understand that the changes presented in the developer update have left you feeling disappointed, particularly in relation to the PVE mode. It can be disheartening when our expectations aren’t met. Your feelings are important, and I genuinely care about your satisfaction as a valued member of our community.

With digital items, sales for these are final as these immediately give the account the benefits or game play experience is available when purchased. However, we do understand people make mistakes, so we can make exceptions when a product is obviously unused, and we’re notified quickly.

As much as I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it appears that our system is unable to proceed to refund for the Overwatch 2 purchase, since it was purchased a long time ago. I really wish you could’ve contacted us earlier, or before using the product, as we could’ve helped differently before it gets marked as consumed.

I took a look at this for you and, in this case, I’ve found that however if you feel this should have a different approach from the developers, you should leave that feedback on the forums so that the whole community and developers team can see it!

You can do so by following this attached link: (CANT POST LINK)
And I can assure you that there will be an update soon regarding the Overwatch PVE announcement soon, but what I recommend for you is to check these links: (CANT POST LINK) and this one: (CANT POST LINK) to keep an eye on the news, and the upcoming updates.

Additionally, I would like to apologize for any inconvenience this might cause you. We are aware that this isn’t the most ideal situation for you, and we truly wish we could do more, but we hope that you can understand our limitations for the situation at hand.(●’◡’●)

Please note that if we had the ability to refund this order we would have done that, especially for you, since you’re a valued player for us, but as, Game Masters do not have the ability to bypass the refunding system’s limitations.

Even with that being said, I’ve tried myself to push for an exception to have this refunded for you from our decision makers, but I couldn’t get it.

However, I encourage you to explore the other thrilling aspects of Overwatch 2, such as the Push Game Mode Update, New Hero option, and exciting competitive gameplay. I believe that you can still find enjoyment and new experiences within the diverse Overwatch universe.

Once again, please accept our apology for any inconvenience that might happen, and note that it’s all for your account benefit.

We appreciate your dedication as a long-time player and look forward to providing you with countless exciting and memorable Overwatch moments in the future. Please don’t hesitate to contact us again for any further questions. Until then, happy hunting! *:・゚✧♥

I know that this isn’t the information you were hoping to get in response but, I want to thank you for your time, patience, and understanding here, Jeffrey. I really wish the best for you.

Have a wonderful day! (づ ◕‿◕ )づ
GM Aowziodost

SO first I’d like to say this is 100% copy pasta. They had this reply ready to go internally. They knew this would happen. That being said I have real issues with what they said to me.

I understand that the changes presented in the developer update have left you feeling disappointed, particularly in relation to the PVE mode.

DISAPPOINTED?! Your company blatantly lied. You sold a product and told people what they were getting, and they didn’t get it. Period.

With digital items, sales for these are final as these immediately give the account the benefits or game play experience is available when purchased. However, we do understand people make mistakes, so we can make exceptions when a product is obviously unused, and we’re notified quickly.

PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES… Wow. Your right I did make a mistake. I trusted Activision/Blizzard yet again to give us the product they promised. My bad.

Conclusion: I will never buy another Activision/Blizzard product again w/o waiting until the game is out and finding out through reviews that the game is what they promised. This is a new all time low for the company I have stuck it out w/ Activision/Blizzard throughout all there past drama/terrible PR,MISTAKES they have made in the past and THIS is how they treat their loyal customers. …Never again Blizzard… Never again.


i guess ppl are just use to letting these game companies screw them over and just except that theres nothing that can be done about it. Those ppl are not helping anyone but the companies by just excepting it. Its like paying someone to build you a house and in the end all they do is build you a frame and refuse to try to make it right. This is the same concept we paid for a pve game that was supposed to have endless playablity and skill trees like a rpg instead you get pvp with some pve events that is free. That is not what i paid for.


Disappointing that more people aren’t complaining about this. Blizzard straight up lied to us to take our money.

Worse than that, they’ve ruined what could’ve been an amazing game and experience. Not just with the cancellation of PVE but with the move to the sh*tty FTP model.

Anyone reading this who is angry - submit a refund request (even if they will just deny it), and send a complaint to your government consumer protection agency (if applicable) for false advertising.


They should absolutely refund everyone for the purchase of ow2 in the beginning
We bought the watchpoint starter for the PVE and never received the product. It’s absurd to think that we should all just accept that we paid for something that we never received. More people need to speak up and say he we want our money back you sold us snake oil. Because that’s exactly what this crooked company did. It fooled it’s people into giving money for a product they never received and we should all be furious. They turned OW into more of a cash grab than before and we didn’t even get what we were promised they have done nothing but benefit from our disappointment. We should absolutely stand up for ourselves and say enough is enough. Stop purchasing ow skins, or just delete the game in general. Start looking into other games that are similar. Yes they had wonderful characters, backgrounds, etc. And showed up some however they are opening telling us we will never experience what we truly wanted because they don’t want to give us the product that we bought and have been waiting for years. All other this is just a slap in the face to anyone who would consider themselves a customer.

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Hey all,

I’m not arguing or countering anything folks have said here, but where was it stated that the Watchpoint pack contained or provided access to anything PvE related? As far as I’ve seen, the Watchpoint pack was just the battlepass, skins and virtual currency.

2nd question, I’ve seen several references around to refunding OW2. However, OW2 is free, so what are people actually asking to refund? The Watchpoint pack only? Or something else?

I get it that it wasn’t in probably in any of your guy’s control however the only reason people sunk money into this game was based on the promise that the money would be going to help create what you guys advertised in 2019 that’s the only reason people supported your game yes everyone is talking about the watch point pack if you think anyone would’ve paid for the watch point pack without the expectations that your company set your delusional y’all flat out lied and only told us after people sunk money into the game

Just as a quick aside: I’m not a Bliz employee.

As I understand it, Hero Missions are gone, but aren’t Story Missions still happening?

I have spent AU$150 on coins on the basis that PVE is on the way and now it’s gone and I am definitely not playing this again as the company blatantly lied. Now I want my unused coins refunded.

OW2 may be free for others. But I bought OW1 which makes OW2 not “free” and as it stands, the current version of OW2 is nothing different from OW1.

I wonder if there is a class action that can be put against Blizz for offering a PVE but then taking it away. Like, false advertising or something. Lots of players avoid toxic PVP for team based PVE. Story missions or not. This is not why people purchased and invested in OW2. I still play but am seriously disappointed as most are. I’m sure they’ll say “Well, OW2 is free.” Correct, BUT, how much money have people invested in skins, battle passes, etc. based on promises for a stellar PVE.