OW2 Randomized Keyboard Input Bug

*This has only happened to me in Overwatch 2 and not on any other PC game or elsewhere using my PC. So right now, I believe this is an OW2 bug.

For the past few days, I’ve encountered this issue at least once a day playing Overwatch 2: Mid-game, my keyboard will all the sudden spaz out. It’s not that my keybindings change or reset to default. Instead, I can press the same key multiple times in a row (‘W’ for instance) and it will input a random character each time (I can see this because it also opens the chat box). Like if I press W five times, it might show something like 8(djp. Makes no sense at all to me. Naturally, this then renders it impossible to continue with the match, and I have leave (thankfully, my mouse still works when this happens).

Has this been happening to anyone else? Does anyone know what this issue could be resulting from if it is not an OW2 bug? I have been doing research and cannot find anything like it.


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my w key switched to move backwards near the end of the match ONLY, idk if that a hack or not but caused the loss for sure